Welcome to the USI Olive Oil Competition

The First US International Olive Oil Competition Where All The Judges Are Real Trade Buyers Judging The Samples By Category & Price.

Judges Will Be Judging As If Buying For Their Business

Open To All Commercially Produced Olive Oil. It Does Not Have To Sold In The United States To Be In The Competition

Deadline To Enter And For Samples Arrival is May 29th

Competition Will Be Held Week of June 1st, 2024


USI Vinegar Competition

First US International Vinegar Competition Trade Buyers Only Judging By Category & Price….Enter Now. Competition To Be Held Week Of March 25th 2024


USI Cheese Competition

Trade Buyers Only Judging By Category & Price. Next Competition Summer 2024



USI Chocolate Competition

Trade Buyers Only Judging By Category & Price….Next Competition Fall 2024


US International Olive Oil Competition

We are excited to bring our competition philosophy of trade buyers only judging to the Olive Oil Industry. It is our belief that trade buyers truly know what consumers want and what they will buy at what price. Expert buyers will be blind tasting the vetted samples and will know the category, the place of origin and the retail price.

The Competition is open to all commercially produced olive oil from around the world. Your olive oil does not have to be sold in the United States to be in the competition. We expect around 20% of the entries will come from olive oil producers who want to be blind tasted by top US buyers.

Top winners will be showcased on our media publication Olive Oil Professor and its sister sites the Vinegar Professor, Cheese Professor, The Chocolate Professor and Alcohol Professor. Our Professor Media sites on average have close to 200,000 unique hits a month by consumers and trade.

Blind Judging

Fairness and unbiased blind judging ensures that every entry is evaluated solely on its quality, offering a level playing field for all participants.

Expert Panel

We’re the only International Competition of it’s kind where all the judges are real trade buyers who are judging by the category and actual price.

Visibility with Buyers

Gain unparalleled exposure to discerning buyers in this prestigious platform for showcasing your exquisite creations to an audience eager for the best in quality.

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